Miss Kirsten Beyermann | Salisbury Hand Surgeon
Miss Kirsten Beyermann is a Specialist Hand and Wrist Surgeon treating patients in her clinics in Salisbury.
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Meet Kirsten

Miss Kirsten Beyermann MSc FRCS MBSSH MASSH, European Diploma in Hand Surgery

Miss Kirsten Beyermann was born in Mainz, Germany and gained her Medical Degree at the University of Mainz and the University of Concepción, Chile in 1986. She became a Fellow of the German College of Surgeons in 1994 and completed her training as a Trauma Surgeon in 1997. The same year she went on to specialize in hand surgery, training at the Centre for Hand Surgery at Bad Neustadt in Germany under the direction of Prof. Ulrich Lanz, acknowledged as one of the most eminent Hand Surgeons in the world and Honorary Member of the British Society for Surgery of the Hand.


During this period Miss Beyermann gained invaluable experience in all aspects of Hand Surgery, specialising in Surgery of the Wrist, and performed more than 1000 operations a year including Partial Wrist Fusion, Arthroscopic Procedures of the Wrist, Congenital Hand Malformations, Trauma of the Hand and every kind of Compression Syndrome of the Nerve.


Miss Beyermann qualified as a Hand Surgeon in 2000 and was appointed a Member of the German and German-Speaking Society of Hand Surgery. In 2008 she was awarded the European Diploma in Hand Surgery.Miss Beyermann has worked in the UK since 2005, when she was registered by the GMC on their Specialist Register in Surgery.


Miss Beyermann has published a number of papers on Hand Surgery, co-authored with Professor Lanz. She is a reviewer of the British Journal of Hand Surgery. Her interests in Hand Surgery are wide-ranging and she frequently travels abroad to visit other surgical centres and attend symposia, often as an invited speaker because of her special interest in Surgery of the Wrist.

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Results of the 2015 GMC Revalidation Process.


Release of peripheral nerve at the upper extremity e.g. in carpal tunnel syndrome;
Trigger finger release; Dupuytren’s contracture; Wrist arthroscopy and repair of ligaments and meniscus via key-whole surgery; Partial or total wrist fusion; All aspects of tendon and nerve surgery, including muscle transfer in paralyzed muscles; Treatment of mal-union of bones of the wrist and hand; Ganglion; Osteoarthritis at wrist and thumb; Rheumatoid arthritis; Malformation in childhood


Royal College of Surgeons
British Society for Surgery of the Hand
Member of the German Society of Surgery
Member of the German Society for Surgery of the Hand
Member of the German speaking Society for Surgery of the Hand
Member of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand


European Diploma in Hand Surgery
Bronze Medal Reviewer Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume)


Miss Kirsten Beyermann reports management of hand and wrist disease outcomes higher than national standards. Click here for more information.


Surgical outcomes of male and female surgeons.

View all recent publications by Miss Beyermann

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